Writer In Motion is Almost Here

It’s been nine months since the last season of Writer In Motion, and if you caught this morning’s post you’ll see why we’ve had to keep modifying the start dateā€”life is busy!

But now we’re a week away from unveiling the prompt, and things are getting exciting. So what is Writer In Motion? It’s a five week blog project where writers are given a prompt, create a short story, and blog about their process as each week they revise and tighten the tale. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Day 1: Prompt goes live!
  • Week 1: Write short story inspired by the prompt.
  • Week 2: Self-revise short story for content and grammar.
  • Week 3: Swap stories with another Writer In Motion and revise based off their critique.
  • Week 4: Swap stories with a second writer (or send to one of our In-House Editors) and revise off their critique.
  • Week 5: Post final draft and final thoughts.

Each week as writers work on their stories, they blog about the process on their own websites or are welcome to use the Writer In Motion Forum to work through their methodologies.

But before we kick off the prompt, we have some other exciting events happening.

  • Head on over to #WIMGames and play along with other writers to talk about your favorite things and your current WIP.
  • Join us Saturday July 25th on the Twitter hashtag #WriterInMotion at NOON EST to talk with our past Writer In Motion creatives. Ask questions about the project and what to expect.
  • Sign ups for an editor slot go live on July 26th at NOON EST! This will open to marginalized communities first to help support our diverse and beautiful brothers and sisters and nonbinary folks. You can find more information on Writer In Motion.
  • Join us Sunday July 26th on the Twitter hashtag #WriterInMotion at NOON EST to talk with our editors about their process and some of the fun stuff they’re looking forward to with the stories.
  • Saturday August 1st the prompt goes live at NOON EST.

Writer In Motion is open to everyone. If you write words and want to craft a short story or a short non-fiction piece based on the prompt, come join us and blog about your process with your readers and other writers.

NOTE: Writer In Motion stands with marginalized writers and authors and we wish to amplify their voices. For this reason, editor slots will open to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Disabled, Neurodiverse, and other marginalized communities first. In the event that our editor slots do not fill up, we will open the remaining slots to the rest of the community on July 30th.

If you are not from a marginalized community, you are still welcome to join us as we continue to build our community and support all creatives in their endeavors. If you have any further questions about Writer In Motion, you can contact me directly or ask on the #WriterInMotion hashtag.

Cheers and happy writing!