Writer Thursdays – A Siren’s Call

Welcome to Writer Thursdays, where I unpack my novel writing process from start to finish.

This week we’re going to talk about what happens when you’ve got a project you’re working on, and another starts side-eyeing you from the recesses of your mind. You’re just starting to get a firm grasp on that dragon portal fantasy you’ve been wanting to polish and boom. Like a siren singing its voice upon the wind, that science fiction thriller about monsters and divided lovers starts to whisper your name. Images pop up in your google searches, or a song you hear sets the right tone for that rainy, drowning dome world. You think… maybe if I just put one aesthetic together it will go away.

Insert maniacal laughter.

Okay, so anyone who’s been following this series probably already knows this is what happened to me. Camp Nano started and I one of the stories sitting on my shelf has been half-written for years. SAND & GLASS is in the same universe as Petals & Dust, but so far remote from the portal system by both distance and time that I doubt the characters from the two stories will ever cross paths. It’s about a middle-aged artist who believes she’s been in a severe accident and suffers from psychogenic fugue. She can’t remember her life before seven years ago (or her name) so she’s taken on a new identity, works a job she hates, and is trying to find a way to save her drowning world. What she doesn’t remember is her husband went missing seven years prior and she’s been drugged ever since to forget him, because he knows the truth about their world—that it’s slowly being overrun by body-snatching, deep sea parasites.

Sometimes we must heed the siren call.

I’m using Camp Nano to finish writing the outline and several scenes for this tale. Basically to hash out a dumpster fire draft then shove it back in the dust bin to collect bunnies. But it’s a story I really needed to finish. Once that’s done… who knows. Maybe I’ll just keep on editing and make SAND & GLASS my next polished tale.

My point is… writers have the best intentions with their stories. We want them all finished and polished and ready to share. But sometimes our characters don’t let us sleep, and in the end, they become the handlers who pull our strings until their tales find the sunlight again.

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Life is Full of Crazy

Good morning everyone!

It’s been a couple weeks since my last blog post, but life got a little crazy. I’ve moved, which was pure chaos in itself. It consisted of dump runs, donations, lots of rain, and of course two small children running circles around everyone as we load heavy furniture onto an open-air trailer and make run after run after run. After the first day, I was in so much pain I could barely walk. Actually, I was like that for about a week as hubby and I coordinated move runs between the two houses, work schedules, and trying to keep the kids need for some normalcy in mind.

I speak of normal as if it’s a real thing in my family. I digress…

But the move is done, and our lives are slowly returning to its regular chaos. The kids love it because they’ve never lived in a house with stairs, and my three-year-old has discovered the art of throwing cereal onto the steps one flake at a time. The dogs are in love. They have a huge backyard now with tons of trees and hedges, and a lot of squirrels to chase. And hubby’s excited that he’s only ten minutes from work and can ride his motorcycle year round now without the heavy rains or highway congestion.

As for me, I wake at 5am every morning to a quiet house, birds chirping, and a view of the trees that’s to die for. We’re still in the city, but the neighborhood is crafted to make each home feel like its own private mountain cabin oasis. There’s still a lot of unpacking, client work, and the yard is overgrown in all the garden beds. Yesterday I spent hours digging out blackberry starter shoots that already were as tall as my head, but my tomatoes, lettuce and chives are all doing well after transplanting to their new home. Next week I’ll go get pumpkin seedlings and maybe some squash and have some nice big vegetables for fall.

This month I’m working on a new novel. Well, it’s not new to me. I wrote it years ago as a trial to see if I could write romance and put it in a contemporary setting. * insert laughter * Yeah, I can’t write contemporary…. seriously. If there isn’t a monster or a sword or something that crosses deep into fantasy land it’s never going to get finished. Which is exactly what happened. But I love the two main characters so much that I’ve flipped it into a futuristic science fiction romance (probably bordering on thriller) inside the same universe as my dragon fantasy books. This story will be a far-future history of another novel I wrote and the two are probably going to get mashed together. But the point is, I’m finishing the story this time.

So, over the next month I’ll get back into regular posting for the blog, then this fall I’ll start ramping up the new season of Winterviews. If you have anything you particularly enjoy reading on this site, or something you’d like for me to write about, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

Cheers and Happy 4th! 🙂

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