Hi, I’m K.J. 🙂

I’m a Science Fiction and Fantasy writer from the Pacific Northwest. This site is a secondary space to my true web home. If you want to learn more about who I am, you can visit my main blog site: Hàlön Chronicles.

If you’re only interested in the cliff notes, here goes:

  • I’m a professional web developer. I’ve been coding since the days when websites and email blasts used nearly identical code.
  • I  design book covers, email campaigns & other digital media.
  • I’m a conlanger. I have one very large constructed fantasy language (always evolving) and one small beginner language.
  • I write, read and breathe science fiction & fantasy. Despite what it says over on the right-side navigation, I have 9 manuscripts in various stages of completion. Most are pure dumpster fire at this point.

When I’m forced to recognize earth existence (i.e. real life), I wrangle children and dogs, dig around in the dirt for food, and muck around in conspiracy theories anomalous pieces of information.

Favorite book: The Eyes of Light and Darkness – Ivan Cat, Darren Survari

If I could fill an entire bookshelf with stories written by Ivan Cat, I would. Unfortunately, this author has only written two (under this pen name – if he has other books in the universe, I haven’t tracked them down yet). #stalker This book is one of the few I couldn’t put down (and still read once a year). It brings science fiction, horror, and archaeology together in such a beautiful blend and I’ve never seen its equal. So, if you’re still out there in the universe, Ivan, I hope those words are flowing. Your dark and twisted mind is a beautiful thing.

Favorite childhood book: Iron Cage – Andre Norton

Another beautifully-crafted story that’s a bit dark and twisted. Are you starting to see how my mind works? Luckily, I can fill a bookshelf with Norton’s works, but this one is my favorite.

Favorite Indie Author: E.R. Mason

I’ve read a lot of self-published books, and shied away from a lot as well. Mason’s stories follow characters Adrian Tarn and R.J. Smith, and are a fun, witty, and fantastic read. This author-pilot has a knack for bringing fantastical worlds to life, and creating characters so enticing that I’m always on the lookout for his next book.

Favorite drink: Red beer

Clamato and Alaskan Amber. Send me all of this please.