Set Your Daily #PitchWars Goals – And Meet Them

July is here, and the #PitchWars hashtag party has begun. Writers are connecting to other writers, making new friends and CPs (critique partners), and the mentors have started their hilarious, fun-loving wars with one another.

As the excitement ramps up, it can be tough to close your browser window and focus on your work. Because hey, who doesn’t love a party? But that submission deadline is looming, and you’ll want your best, prettiest, most polished manuscript to shine like a beacon. You’ve still got work to do, so let’s get started:

You know how much work needs to be finished before the August 2nd deadline. Take that giant pile of work and *gasp*… use fractions. Break it up into daily workloads you can accomplish. Every day, get your manuscript work done first, then reward yourself with a treat by diving into the party for a few laughs. Or, you know… ice cream slathered in fudge and drizzled with whiskey.

NOTE: I always set my goals to finish a week before submission. I use that extra time to go back for added polish, destroying filler words, and turning thought/feeling words into sensory action.

Yes, that’s a word.

I can’t stress this enough: find a friend. Be accountable to one another and meet your daily goals. This will help keep you on track, and you can support and encourage each other if you hit a tough snag.

Take part in the festivities, strengthening your writer tribe. Here’s some ways to do this. Remember, these aren’t mandatory – just fun things to do with your fellow writers.

Have fun and good luck to everyone submitting! 🙂

Original article posted on my main blog – Hàlön Chronicles.

Want to add a little shine to your manuscript? Here’s some tips for self-editing your novel.


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